Sons of Anarchy: 10 Storylines

It’s good to have subplots, but Sons of Anarchy tends to overuse them in certain places, without always tying them up in ‘neat bows’ at each season’s closure. It would seem that, as the series has progressed, more and more new characters and storylines have emerged and new questions have come up that needed answers.

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Unfortunately, many of these were put on the back burner before they were fully resolved, so that many viewers couldn’t walk away from the series satisfied that all was in order. Here are some of the most heinous dead ends from the show.

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10 The never-ending addiction

While viewers can appreciate Wendy’s struggle with addiction, this becomes another storyline that is never quite resolved and which is more distracting than anything else.

One could argue that the writers have overemphasised her central problem of addiction, and viewers have to watch her check in and out of rehab… over and over… and over again. Critics have called her storyline tedious and banal (however realistic it might be for someone living with an addition) as a result.

9 A call for the truth!

Let’s face it: while he might be a rough diamond, Juice is a firm favourite with fans. Even his particularly shady past doesn’t quite stop viewers from loving him.

When he faces blackmail by a local cop, who wants to use a personal secret against him, fans want to shout out to him to just tell the truth. So what if his secret is so ‘terrible’. He later faces all kinds of troubles which could have all been resolved if he’d come clean with the truth of his past.

8 The seeming hopelessness of Otto Delaney

How many fans have watched Otto Delaney in prison wanting things to get brighter for the poor fellow? His character’s journey is just is heart-breaking. He is continually mistreated and degraded, with violence, rejection, betrayal and hopelessness colouring his existence.

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It’s tough to watch him as the series progresses, and even tougher to realise that things might not become rosy for him and he might not see the restoration and retribution viewers had hoped was coming for him.

7 All is well that ends well?

Chibs and Jarry in Sons of Anarchy

Is the old adage all’s well that ends well always true in matters of the heart? Viewers would like to think so. However, many Sons of Anarchy fans have been left disillusioned by the season ending’s failure to give any directional hints concerning the blossoming relationship of Jarry and Chibs.

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The last time fans see them, they are kissing in broad daylight on top of a police car. However, that’s it. What comes next? The narrators have left ardent fans hanging with the nonsensical and cringe-worthy love scene.

6 Who is Milo, really?

The identity or relevance of the character Milo is never properly explained to viewers. No connection between Milo and the rest of the characters is ever revealed. In Sons of Anarchy, he stars in quite an action-filled scene, involving an accident as vehicle rams into vehicle.

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In the accident, Jax meets a sacrificial end when he drives his car into a truck which, as it turns out, is being driven by Milo – who, as the narrative would have it, is also the mysterious traveller who Gemma has recently met… the same truck driver who gave her a lift when she went to visit her father. Still, who he is remains a mystery.

5 Tara’s stalker dilemma

Jax and Tara in Sons of Anarchy

One of the most uncomfortable plot-lines in the show, Tara’s situation is never fully resolved and viewers can’t quite understand the scriptwriters’ intentions in including the stalker in the first place.

In the series, she is stalked by her ex, Josh Kohn. The problem is that not only is this situation one which remains unresolved, it also seems a rather forced way narrators have deliberately sought to bring conflict into the storyline.

4 A crush that goes nowhere

Sheriff Wayne Unser is besotted with Gemma Teller Morrow. It would seem his crush on her started when he was fairly young and has continued into middle age, with him continuing to bend over backwards for her, despite her clear lack of interest in him.

Romantic or pathetic? This situation never seems to get resolved and the series fails to fully dig into the subtleties of the dynamics between the two. Surely there is more to their relationship than meets the eye, possibly accounting for Unser’s behaviour?

3 Side businesses, side storylines…

There are many ways to make extra money – especially so for a biker. SAMCRO introduces a plethora of money-making opportunities for its members: trading illegal substances, selling companionship… the list goes on.

However, when introducing sub-plots of ‘the world’s oldest profession’ into the show, these appear to go nowhere and do more harm to the greater narrative than good. Perhaps they are introduced to add to the drama, but the producers should have stayed away from themes which confuse rather than aid the story’s progression.

2 To go or not to go?

Whatever happened to Jax Teller’s decision to ‘go nomad’? Surely it didn’t just end with the character’s decision to turn back and return to SAMCRO? It was never mentioned again by narrators, leaving viewers a little confused and wondering what happened to the whole ‘going nomad’ idea?

In one sub-plot, Jax left SAMCRO in frustration, riding out on his own. Very quickly, however, events brought him back into the fold. This storyline seems a little pointless. Surely, it’s either ‘go nomad’ or not at all.

1 Who is she? We might never know

Who is the mysterious homeless woman who appeared throughout the series? Ardent fans might have believed her identity would eventually be revealed – however, they were left sorely disappointed when this was not the case.

As such, she has been the starting point of numerous Sons of Anarchy ‘conspiracy theories.’ One suggests that she was actually Emily Putner, presumed dead after a car crash (but secretly alive – and homeless, it would seem). Would the narrators please let fans know?

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