Ryan Reynolds At Home In The MCU

 Ryan Reynolds  At Home In The MCU

Ryan Reynolds At Home In The MCU


Ryan Reynolds doesn’t even go to this school yet and he’s already running it. Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo recently launched the AGBO Superhero Fantasy Football League for charity. A dozen Marvel superhero stars are competing, and they are all Marvel Cinematic Universe stars — except for Ryan Reynolds of Fox’s Deadpool and Miles Teller of Fox’s Fantastic Four. They are, if anything, future MCU stars, but it’s clear Reynolds is already right at home with the rest of the dysfunctional trash-talking family.

Ryan Reynolds broke the internet with his f-bomb-filled fantasy football post against the MCU’s Nebula star, Karen Gillan. Reynolds joked that he’s way too Canadian to be comfortable with trash talk, and besides Karen Gillan is really nice. He figured he’d be up against an MCU heavyweight like Chris Pratt, Robert Downey Jr., Anthony Mackie, or even Chris Evans — [raspy whisper] “fuck that guy!” — but he still gave maximum effort to trashing Gillan.

So cue Ryan Reynolds calling Karen Gillan a “fucking dolphin humping” bleepity bleep, with the rest lost in a sea of obscenities. You can make out “sucks” and “Jumanji” and “Tardis” and “Pat Sajak’s finger” but that’s about it.

So the really “intense, hard stuff” is coming next week? Oh yeah, he belongs with this crew.

When Disney acquired Fox’s Marvel characters — including Deadpool and the X-Men, plus the Fantastic Four — MCU fans were excited to see how they would eventually join the team. At Comic-Con, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige revealed the Phase 4 slate, then dropped a little hint suggesting the “mutants” and Fantastic Four might show up in Phase 5. Ryan Reynolds leaned into that tease with a “Phase 5” joke honoring the anniversary of the Deadpool movie footage leak.

I seriously can’t wait to see Deadpool on screen with the rest of the MCU stars. I want a Deadpool/Star-Lord scene. I need Deadpool with Thor. I can’t even imagine what Deadpool would have to say to Captain Marvel. Make it happen.

And now that we know Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be in one more MCU movie after his third Spider-Man film, there’s potential for Peter Parker to cross paths with Wade Wilson in Phase 5. No promises, but the dream is alive.

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