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Reports are surfacing which indicate Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Special Operations mode is missing features previously promised to players. This news comes shortly after the game’s developer, Infinity Ward, had to shut down comments on their video explaining how Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s netcode works due to harsh fan criticism, as well as recent reports of review bombings from Russian players unhappy with the way the game portrays them as villains.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s single-player campaign has been received well by both players and the majority of critics, but the choice to keep the game’s much-loved additional Spec-Ops missions a PlayStation 4 exclusive for a year following the game’s release was heavily derided by longtime series fans. Now, following a period of server issues upon launch, PS4 owners are discovering some of the promised features are nowhere to be found inside the Special Operations area.

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Players on the Modern Warfare subreddit have reported features inside these Special Operations missions which were promised to players before the game’s launch, such as a star-based ranking system and more than one mission, are completely absent from the game. According to multiple players there is only one Spec Ops mission available, a wave survival mode against AI players, and no ranking system exists at all.

The game’s developers have responded in a separate thread, saying they will be adding new missions “as we go along,” and promising more missions will come online “soon enough.” However, the phrase “soon enough” seems to have struck a chord with players, especially those who specifically purchased the product under the presumption features listed in the game’s description, including multiple (read: more than one) Special Operations missions, as well as the aforementioned ranking system, would be available in the game. “Soon enough…. That would have been 25.10.19. Anytime after then is not soon enough,” one disgruntled Reddit user states in the thread’s comments. “Why the industry feels it’s okay to operate this way is beyond me.”

Truly, this is just another in a long list of games which have been released with missing or planned features originally promised as available upon launch. With a new focus on road maps, battle passes, and other industry terms for perpetual paid subscription services as opposed to the one-time payment-and-delivery systems games used to be, it seems like many companies are banking for more long-term investment-and-payoff experiences rather than delivering on everything players want upfront. Most players, however, seem to just want the games and services they were promised. For fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, hopefully those service will indeed come “soon enough.”

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