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The highly anticipated PlayStation exclusive Ghost of Tsushima will release in the Summer of 2020. Fans around the world have been wondering when the big-budget samurai slasher would finally get a release date, with many speculating that the game would release in the second half of 2020. But now developer Sucker Punch has confirmed the release window for Ghost of Tsushima will be Summer 2020.

Sucker Punch is one of the most admired developers in the gaming industry, and perhaps best known for creating the Sly Cooper and Infamous series of games. In 2011, Sony purchased Sucker Punch to produce games exclusively for PlayStation. Sucker Punch has always worked within short development windows, with the longest period in between releasing games being four years. The length between the release of the Studio’s last game Infamous First Light and the scheduled release of Ghost of Tsushima will be six years, prompting some to wonder if the game would be better off debuting on the PlayStation 5.

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The release window for Ghost of Tsushima comes from a trailer at The Game Awards. Just a few days ago, Sucker Punch teased that the game would get a new reveal at The Game Awards. Although it was known the game was going to be showed, it wasn’t apparent just how much was going to be revealed. The good news is that there’s plenty of new things to talk about when it comes to Ghost of Tsushima, as The Game Awards trailer is over four and a half minutes long.

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The trailer begins with a confrontation between a travelling Samurai and the man himself, The Ghost of Tsushima. Although it was ambiguous before as to whether or not The Ghost was the playable character, it now seems confirmed that he is. The narration throughout the trailer tells us that The Ghost is a mythic figure, one who many thought left for dead in a battle years ago. But The Ghost survived what many believed to be a terminal infliction and is now dedicated to avenging himself. If there was any doubt as to the graphical fidelity of Ghost of Tsushima, rest assured that should be squelched now. Last year, Sony Boss Shuhei Yoshida remarked on the impressive graphics in the game. It’s no easy task for developers to keep visual fidelity high throughout development, especially when adding so many new features, textures and art assets into the game.

Sucker Punch has set the bar very high for themselves with their past success making Sly Cooper and Infamous games. Throughout three generations of PlayStation consoles, the developer has been a mainstay for gamers on the platform. It seems like Ghost of Tsushima is up to the challenge of raising the bar higher than ever before, as Sucker Punch looks to cap off the PlayStation 4 with perhaps it’s last AAA exclusive.

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Ghost of Tsushima is coming to PlayStation 4 in the Summer of 2020.

Source: The Game Awards

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