6 Underground Trailer: Michael Bay

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay join forces in the trailer for 6 Underground. An action-thriller about a group of billionaires who become a team of vigilantes after faking their deaths, the upcoming film has been described by Bay himself as a return to his roots helming action movies like Bad Boys and The Rock in the ’90s. 6 Underground is also the first film that Bay’s directed since he finally called it a day on the Transformers franchise with 2017’s The Last Knight, as well as the first he’s developed for Netflix.

Written by Deadpool and Zombieland duo Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, 6 Underground is headlined by Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds, in addition to Dave Franco, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Adria Arjona, Corey Hawkins, and Ben Hardy as said billionaires-turned heroes. It’s long been suspected that Netflix is planning to release the $150 million project in December, similar to what it did with David Ayer’s own costly tentpole, Bright, two years ago. Those plans have since been made official, now that 6 Underground‘s marketing campaign is formally underway.

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Reynolds took to Twitter to confirm 6 Underground for a December 13, 2019 release date this morning, shortly before the film’s official trailer dropped online (as Bay teased it would, earlier this week). Check it out, below.

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Unsurprisingly, the trailer mostly skips over the plot details in order to focus on 6 Underground‘s particular flavor of “Bayhem”, instead. And to be fair, the set pieces for this one are looking pretty technically impressive so far. The whole thing definitely feels more in line with an older Bay movie like Bad Boys II than his recent efforts on the Transformers films, complete with people racing (and crashing) shiny cars, engaging in shoot-outs, and creating all sorts of collateral damage in their wake. The hope is that Reese and Wernick’s script will infuse this one with a bit more wit and humanity than some of Bay’s less memorable action films since the ’90s (a la The Island). If nothing else, the trailer suggests 6 Underground will include its fair share of Reynolds quipping.

Beyond that, it will be interesting to see if Netflix gives 6 Underground a limited theatrical run, prior to its streaming premiere. The company has typically only released its awards season contenders in theaters, and will continue to do so with upcoming films like The Irishman. That said, 6 Underground seems like a movie that would not only benefit from being seen on the big screen, but which people would actually pay to watch in a theater before it begins streaming. As such, it’s possible – though not guaranteed – that Netflix will include a theatrical component for this one.

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6 Underground begins streaming Friday, December 13 on Netflix.

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